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"[Bono] doesn't care what people think. And that's an incredible gift. And also a real curse. We would prefer that he took care of himself." — Larry

by Daniel84

At first i'd like to say it was my first u2 gig, so my opinion may not necessarily be very objective...

I'm just speechless and though i haven't sleep for the last 24 hours, i still can't get rid of excitement and thrill.

Having a seat high above just in front of the stage, i was easily able to have a look at the whole stadium.

U2 started as usual with the energetic trio Vertigo, I Will Follow and The Electric Co. The sound was pure, maybe sometimes just a bit "overguitarred". During New Year's Day the audience took their white (in sectors) and red (on the pitch) elements in order to form an enormous Polish flag. That succeeded and U2 musicians seemed to be quite delighted and surprised. City Of Blinding Lights were accompanied by fantastic visual effects. Miracle Drug was dedicated to the former Pope John Paul the Second and the lady from the audience were picked by Bono on the stage in order to translate the story of sunglasses. However, that young person had problems, not with her linguistic skills, but rather with limiting her emotions. Anyway, everyone knew what it was all about. Love And Peace Or Else, one of my favs, made me shake and shiver. I was also moved by the way Bono performed Bullet The Blue Sky and Please snippet. He was kneeling with a bandage on his eyes. During Pride the whole stadium waved and everybody clapped his/her hands. During Where The Streets Have No Name Bono's voval were hardly audible, but that's the rule for that tour as i can observe. Zoo Station and The Fly were another core point of that concert for me. The visualisation was unforgettable. Vertigo finished the concert and was even more humbling that its twin from the beginning. I just love Vertigo double. That's grat idea. Actually, it's the Vertigo Tour, isn't it?

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