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"It's the most un-rock 'n' roll thing you could do, so I never ever talked about it, but that was actually my obsession before rock-and-roll." — Bono, on playing chess

by Mikeyboy

End of the European leg of the tour and they seemed to give it a little extra something."I Will Follow", "Miss Sarajaveo" and "Bad" were all excellent to hear and shows that they should shake up the songs a bit more. I was so glad not to have to hear "Pride" and "New Year's Day" yet again! Some of the Italian young men, quite frankly, were there for the beer, throwing themselves violently about and made it hard to completely relax. It didn't seem to matter that it was U2 to them. Stewarding was completely absent. Getting to the stadium was a bus and then a tram from the city centre and getting back meant walking miles and miles forlornly trying to hail a cab as the public transport shut down at the time the concert ended. When we did eventually catch a cab the driver held us to ransom and we had to pay a small crooked fortune. The band were on form and clearly enjoying themselves and no doubt didn't experience the negatives of the evening the fans did. This had the potential to be an awesome gig but lack of organisation, mindless bodyslamming idiots and rip off merchants made it a real effort to just enjoy it. Next time I go to Rome it won't to be see U2 but it will be again as the City sights are tremendous but it won't be to see U2. Next time I see them abroad it will be as part of an organised trip and in a country that can actually organise things. mind you the next time U2 play Eurpore will be in support of a new album and that is likely to be at least another 3 years from now.

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