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"About halfway through Pop, it occurred to us that as much as we enjoyed improvising with DJs and drum loops, we started to miss that quality that makes us U2." — Edge, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

by Burcal (from Turkey)

Hi everyone,
This show was the second U2 concert that I attended. I was a studying italian in florence in july, so I didn't want to miss one of my most favourite bands playing live and bought tickets for me and my friends before actually going to Italy (thanks to the Internet). On concert date we arrived at Turin and went to Delle Alpi right away. Fun Lovin Criminals had already started playing when we made it into the stadium. I think FLC did play really well and received a warm response from the audience. About 21:25, the "Elevation" intro was heard. U2 show off without the glamour we saw in Zoo TV and PopMart. On this tour, they made it simple and there were only 4 screens on the stage (1 for each member) and when it is compared to PopMart, the visiual effects were minimal. In my opinion, this choice was what made it more beautiful than the previous tour. I traveled to Greece to see them live back in 1997. I was in the front row and everything was good but I felt something was missing. However this time the songs were full of soul, and so does the band. They played really incredible, with great energy and spirit. The songs from the latest album also helped them to turn the italian audience (including foreigners like us) to go crazy. "Beautiful Day", "Elevation", "Walk On" and "In a Little While" are all great songs. Even "Gone" from the Pop album was played much better than it was played in the PopMart Tour. I was so lucky to hear "Bad" live, one of the greatest anthems of all time, as it is not played on all shows. Bono did talk about the violence in G8 summit in the middle of "Sunday Bloody Sunday", which was improvised by Bono by adding Bob Marley's lyrics at the end. "Where the Streets Have No Name" and "With or Without You" almost made me cry, they are the songs that became a part of my life. At the end, the first outdoor show of Elevation Tour and the great warm-blooded audience were awarded by the band. "Pride" and "Out of Control" were played as second and third encores. I still can't believe that U2 returned to the stage for the third time to play "Out of Control". Respect for them. Well, I love music and concerts, and this show I will remember always in my whole life. I am hoping to see U2 live in my own country one day.

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