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"Trying to film musicians making music is a difficult thing. It's a little like making sausages. You shouldn't ever see how they're made." — Bono

by Marko

Well not much to say I guess but then again maybe there is...after all this show was the biggest of the tour so far.. You can pretty much read what Christian wrote I'll only point out a few things he didn't :-)

Kite (He dedicated it to one of his daughters (Jordan I think) and to Edge's daughters who were there)

Sunday Bloody Sunday (It was written what he said during the speech but it wasn't written the way he said it..it seemed to me he was really pissed and angry and he really put an awful lot of emotion in it. He shouted THE VOILENCE IS NEVER RIGHT)

Stuck In A Moment (Just before they started Bono looked in the sky pointing his finger and said MIKEY (as in Michael Hutchence))

With or Without You (Bono sang an extra Rattle and hum verse at the end "We'll shine like the stars...")

One (This was arguably the most emotional song of the night..Bono had tears in his eyes, and The Edge had his eyes closed for the most of the song)

Wake Up Dead Man (It wasn't the entire song as Christian wrote...he sang the line of "Jesus I'm waiting here boss" though:)


Well I road for 10 hours just to get there and 10 more the get home but for a show like this I'll do it again any time you want....

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