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"If you're writing songs, there are two things that you just don't want to write about — politics and religion. We write about both. No wonder we get into trouble." — Bono

by Christian

My Lord... what a concert! Just came back from Turin and still can't believe it was a real show... it was perfect...
They started with Elevation with the lights of the stadium all turned on and the 80.000 fans were absolutely mad.. after this came Beautiful day, Until the end of the world, New year's day, Kite (beautiful performing, they played it absolutely perfect and the stadium sang it all along!), then a beautiful performing of Gone, stronger than in Popmart, New York (it sounds better live than on the record), I will follow (with the central part "your eyes makes a circle" and also some line of another song that i couldn't recognize)than Sunday bloody Sunday, the old version full band with some speech in the middle about the G8 in Genova ("in the streets of Genoa, violence is never right! but we have to stand up for our rights!") than a line from Get up, Stand up of Bob Marley. Thay continued with Stuck in a moment.. and then a beautiful performing of In a little while then Bono introduced Larry, Adam and Edge on the tip of the heart and they played a full band version of Desire very amazing.
After that came Stay (Faraway, so close!) played by Bono and Edge acoustic and also here the crowd proved to know the lyrics very well! Then came a real shocking version of Bad, one of the best i ever heard and this wonderful song fade into Where the streets have no name and that was another shock.. every person in the stadium were jumping and clapping... a sea of hands... and a constant thunder of voice. Bono said "Siete incredibili"(You're incredible) and "Stasera tutta l'Italia qui.." (Tonight all Italy is here).
Then came Mysterious ways (with Bono comment "in the beginning rock 'n roll is DANCE! so come on" and start to dance on the stage) and a rocking version of The fly ended by bono stuck on the face of a Screen like in ZooTv!
The first encore started with images and speeches about violence, guns problems, war) and over these things came Bullet the blue sky, followed by With or without you, another moving moment. After the "ooh..ohh".. Bono said "Turn the light off, turn every lights off" and people lighters start to turn on... it was an incredible image..
Then another encore, they played One (Bono said "Thanks for givin' us a really great life, thanks to Lorenzo Jovanotti, Africa.. non siamo alla fine, siamo all'inizio, l'Italia ci sta facendo strada!" (Africa, it's not the end, we are at the begininng, Italy is making us the step).
After One they played an acoustic full version of Wake up dead man, then a wonderful version of Walk on, that was supposed to end the show.
After the song the crowd was so excited that Bono said "one more, just for you.." and they played Pride, another incredible moment. After the end of it, Larry, Adam and Edge say thanks to the crowd (Larry was smiling because at the end of the song when they ended to play he has to start again to play drums to follow the incredible singing of the crowd... he really start to laugh!). Bono stayed on the tip of the stage listening people singing... for one, two minutes.. then ran in the backstage take Larry (without his shirt on), Edge and Adam and make them walk on the catwalk to thank the crowd! It was amazing! When they finished the catwalk Bono say something in edge's ear and then "One more again".. you can imagine the crowd... He said "This is our first single.. 20 years ago.." and they played Out of control and ended with this one!
What more can I say.. nothing.. reallu the best concert I've ever seen, really better than Popmart, even i agree that it was a completely different show!

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