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"I'm famous because I know Bono. That's pretty much it." — Adam

by Allard van der Werff

Me and some friends were lucky enough to acquire some tickets for this show. Waiting outside we wondered what U2 would do tonite... Speculations followed that they had been soundchecking with LNOE erlier that day. That would be a bit more crowd pleasing than IGWSHA, that was going to be the next single at the time, to say the least...

But things were gonna turn out even better. Comming inside there was Joe walking onstage and the rest of the roadies/sub-bandmembers.

When all of a sudden we spotted Stuart (Morgan - Adam's roadie) with the typical 'arch-like' bassguitar. That could mean only one thing: MOFO!!!

Then when show-time came, already 'Popmuzik' was coming in over the PA..Dennis Hoppper surfacing right in front of me... great intro...and then they came in "Popmart-style" through the crowd, leaving everyone bewildered who didn't know yet. Everyone there went crazy, everyone including people not particularly coming for U2.
The rest is (M)TV-history, but the greatest thing was hearing Mofo indoor for the first and only (yet-?) time....It was loud, so loud...

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