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"[I]t sounds kind of boring, but you really make a lot better use of the day if you're not staying up till 4 o'clock in the morning." — Adam

by Emile Blokland

WHOAW! This was great. It was like getting back to heaven. Of course as a dutch u2 fan is supposed to I saw the 2 shows in rotterdam in the summer of this year. The first 2 shows of this european leg actually. And if you read this i can expect that you saw at least one popmart show too. So i guess you would have also felt days, weeks or even months after you saw the show "If I could just feel the PoPmart Vibe for one moment again" A homesick feeling you could say.

Well, with my friend, also a huge U2 fan of course, I was extremely lucky to get a ticket for this MTV award thing. Well to be honest, thanks to my mother, she arranged to get tickets for this exclusive evening by phone!!! However, I was looking forward to the whole show and evening but i think you will understand, I really went for just one thing.

So we got into the arena and as you can read in the other review, you could see some people and stuff of the popmart crew/equipment going around the stage so it was normal to expect that the show would begin with our four heroes. Well to be honest it was Adam's well known PoPmartFreakedOut Bass guitar that appeared before the show that got us assuming we'd better get ready!
And it did. The Popmuzik intro started while Dennis Hopper, one of the real easy riders, introduced the greatest band in the world.
Actually he said "The Mofo's of all Mofo'ers!" I hope he was joking but if you make songs with titles like that you must pe prepared tolerate jokes like that! HAHAHA!

Back to the issue. They did it. A PoPmart Show lasts over 2,5 hours or more, They did MOFO just like the kick off of a PoPmart show and it lasted about 5 minutes, but again, I felt the true PoPmart vibe. For those 5 minutes I was back in PoPmart heaven and totally satisfied for the whole evening.
Believe me, there were very well known performers, like bon jovi or aerosmith for instance, but they never could reach the impact like U2 did. While we all know they can play much more powerful songs then mofo!

but that was it for the Popmart tour for me. I'll have to live with the video of which I would say it has not the greatest performance there. Maybe you heard a bootleg of a show or even saw 1 or 2 shows yourself then you know the band can do better than on the video.
I think this will also be concluded by many fans of the elevation tour DVD that will come out in November. It is recorded in boston and it just can't compare to some other shows I've heard on mp3.
But to see the show again will be great of course!!!!

Enjoy U2 for as long you can, greetings Emile Blokland , Amsterdam, Holland 16-09-2001

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