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It would be like the Edge giving one of his guitars away. It is not something which will happen. -- Bono, in court, on Lola Cashman trying to sell his Stetson hat, 2005

by Hick

It was the meeting of two of my favorite things in the world...U2 and Spartan Stadium. I graduated from MSU in 1992, so it was awesome to see my favorite band at a place that has provided me with so many great memories. The best part? My wife and I brought our daughters so they were finally able to experience a U2 concert. It was a "Beautiful Day" in East Lansing. This is my third 360 show (Chicago and Toronto in '09) and 13th time seeing U2...this show is in my Top 5 easily. Highlights - Bono saying "Go Green, Go White" at the end of "Even Better." The crowd singing "I Still Haven't Found..." Pride, Zooropa, and City of Blinding Lights. One part I think I noticed was that The Edge left his distortion on a little too long during Elevation...Bono looked at him and smiled. Edge finally got it off, and the song went on. At the end of the night, after many huge ovations, Bono was speechless and could be seen saying "incredible" to Adam. A great day and night in East Lansing. I was proud of my alma mater, and I hope U2 makes it back there again someday.

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