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"If you're close enough to see the tattoo you're too close." — Larry, answering a question about his tattoo

by Anand Mohan

This was my second u2 concert (first was Vertigo in Denver) and it was AMAZING. I paid 100 bucks for a seat in the 100 level, which I did not use thoughout the 2+ hours. Not even once.

Loved the "1-2-3-4 NLOTH songs in the beginning" punch. There was nothing really special in the performances of these songs, but was great to hear them live for the first time.

Highlights for me were: Unknown Caller (Edges guitaring solo and Ba Ba BABABA from bono), Still havent found for the crowd involvement, Until the End of the World, Stay, Your Blue Room, Crazy remix, MLK, Ultraviolet (wow) and Moment (loved the vocals).

COBL, Beautiful Day, Vertigo, WOWY, SBS,Streets Walk On were all solid standard performances.

It was a great night, great visuals, even better sound.

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