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"I feel like it's always raining in our songs, that bittersweetness. ... We surrender too easily to the blues. We, if we're not careful, are bleeding all over the world." — Bono

by dr owl

My 14th U2 concert since UF.
1. The sound was crisp, accurate - best I've ever heard.
2. "Your Blue Room" - what a great treat! Gutsy, guys. Thanks.
3. All U2 tours - especially this one - try different vantage points. There will not be a bad seat in the house. Bono is right. The claw is a sleepy dragon that rises and spits fire on its Irish masters bidding. A joy to behold.
4. Love NLOTH. I preferred the new material over the old. Disappointed with MOS. Not a strong closer -- unless followed by 40. 40 would cap this show beautifully.
5. Loved the way Larry got the spotlight at the beginning and loved the way they left together and stopped and thanked the fans.
6. Keep Pride retired.
7. Questions: Who was the guy who sat beside Larry all night and why was he there? What will they do if it rains?

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