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"He is a brainy man and he thinks extreme poverty is stupid." — Bono, on Bill Gates

by Rob

Great show with really amazing sound. Having seen U2 in every stadium configuration they have ever done, the claw + Soldier Field = sonic nirvana. Visually its like seeing a concert from the future and city of blinding lights is completely insane.

I must say I thought Your Blue Room pretty much failed though. While I loved it, it was clear the vast majority of the audience had never heard it before and proceeded to tune out/chat. The song was so unfamiliar that when the astronaut spoke his lines (amazing) I don't think many people realized that was what he was doing or that it was not an stock space station clip cut in. If he had sung a line from a famous song it would bring the house down, so kind of a lost opportunity. Bono should really introduce the song, contextualize it, and announce that a special guest will do the outro.

Great time, great night though.

PS Bad should not be an optional song in stadiums, it should be first on the list.

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