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"Our music is not something to lie down to, to get out of to, to die to, to commit suicide to. It's not a soundtrack to a nervous breakdown." — Bono

by Matt

I must admit, I was not as geeked for this show as I had been for previoius U2 concerts. I like NLOTH, but for some reason I wasn't as excited for this show. The guys proved that I should have been. I was 20 or so feet from Adam, in one of the pits, not sure if it was a Red Zone or not. We were just hanging out on the general floor an hour or so before the show and some usher told us to go in there, so we did.

Setlist notes: No Pride. Still kind of shocked. Bono's voice went in and out, great on some songs, particularly later in the show. Anyway, even taken down a key or two, Pride's a tough song to sing, so maybe that's why it was dropped. Your Blue Room was cool to hear, though I confesss it's not in my U2 top 30.

Highlights: Ultraviolet was unreal. Loved the One/Amazing Grace/Streets montage. Edge's solo on Unknown Caller was awesome. I don't even like Crazy Tonight, but they guys seem to have such a great time with it, I had to as well.

Lowlights: I think I had built up Unforgettable Fire so much in my head that it couldn't help but be a letdown. Bono's voice seemed off on that song, and the backing string tracks overwhelmed the actual playing. Other than that, not much was a letdown.

Overall, not the best U2 show I've attended (the South Bend post 9-11 still gets that distinction), but this was next in line. Just outstanding, as much for the fact that the guys seemed to be having a great time than anything else. All four had standout songs. Larry seemed to be hitting extremely hard.

If you've got tickets, get excited. These guys are still the best there is at what they do. There's not a band on the planet that could have pulled off the spectacle and show they did tonight in a football stadium. They made it sound and look like it's exactly where they belong.

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