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"You write a song because something hurts." — Adam

by Bob Whisler

Was worried about being the oldest person at the concert, since I went with 3 of my kids, from 25 to 14 yrs old, but never to fear, there was a granpa in front of us at least 70. He spent most of this great concert up on the chair just like the rest of us.

WHAT A SHOW! How could any of us sit down?!!!

We were in section C, on the left front of the stage, and had just about the best view and sound of any concert I've been to.

No one ever put as much into it as these guys did for two plus hours and 22 songs, and that includes The Cream, The Doors, Janice J and Jimmie H. all seen in the past. They just did not stop or slow down, and this was the third of three concerts here. We were exhausted just watching, so I do not know how they do it.

Get the POP cd and listen to it, and you will see they are still the best today, just not "Boy"s anymore!!!

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