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"[Larry]'s incredibly direct, incredibly black and white, but he's so professional and so honest. He's a one-take wonder." — Edge

by Hick

I never thought that the way U2 opened a concert would ever be topped by the way they opened up the Joshua Tree tour with "Streets," but I was wrong! This opening was awesome. As usual, the band entered fromt the side to, "Pop Music" dressed in their usual garb, and went in to a powerful version of "Mofo." What a great opener! Bono as the prize fighter was great! Loved it when the intro stopped, and he screamed, "Lookin for to save my soul," and the band kicked right back into the song. The set list was the same as the other shows. Didn't matter. The sound was great thanks to a speaker set-up in the back of the stadium. The television screen was amazing and put you in the front row. That took away the sting of sitting way in the back of the stadium. Highlights included GONE, PRIDE, PLEASE, BULLET, STREETS, HOLD ME, and ONE. I thought PLEASE was the best, but the crowd did not react as well as U2 may have hoped. People, listen to the new album. It is an excellent album with songs that sound awesome in concert. I have to say, after every thing that I have read about the shows, I was afraid that it would not live up to my expectations. Again, I was wrong. I am anxiously awaiting the Halloween date in Detroit. One last point...Learn the words to "Stand By Me" and the Boom Cha to "Discotheque". Bono loves it when you do.

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