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"Let's just say he's on the border between something and nothing." — Bono, on Edge's nickname

by andy

This show was as a Sunday Newspaper put it ' THE BEST CONCERT IN THE WORLD EVER' it was stunning, i have been to 3 elevation shows and numerous other U2 shows including the Astoria in Feb, i thought then it could not get better than that but what a mistake this show will never be beaten, the 100,000 there also help make this the day it was, respect to Coldplay and the Chillies for great sets too!!!

Here is a run down and mark out of 10 for eaxh song.

elevation - 10, simply mindblowing.
beautiful day - 10, kept tempo right up.
until the end of world - 9, great live song
new years day - 9, one of there best songs ever.
kite - 10, simply brilliant what a song!!!!
sort of homecoming - 9, nice surprise.
i will follow - 9, crowd went barmby.
sunday bloody sunday - 10, great powerful version.
wake up dead man - 8, good change of pace.
stuck in a moment - 10, i am sure 100,000 people new every word to this.
in a little while - 9, i just love this song.
desire - 9, great to see all 4 memebers at tip of heart.
staring at the sun - 10, expecting stay, this was a great sing a long.
bad - 10, one of U2 best live songs, same here.
streets - 10, what a site to see 100,000 people all lit up clapping and dancing.
mysteriuos ways - 10, fantastic!!!!
pride - 10, again a little shock but what a nice one!!!!
bullet the blue sky - 9, this songs always seems to work live.
with or without you - 9, just one of those all time greats!!!!
one - 10+, for me this was the highlight tonite great version with bonos dad on screens, never seen so many people crying with emotion at a concert before.
walk on - 10, another great song from this fantastic album.

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