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"These days, everyone wants John Lennon's sunglasses, accent and swagger, but no one is prepared to take their clothes off and stand naked like he did in his songs." — Bono

by Jacob Mathai

Finally we come to SLANE!!!! What a magical feeling to come and see the people of Ireland and the Band that makes the world go round!! The Concert was great the performance was wonderful. It turned out to be a wonderful night and the place was a buzz. The Red Hots sucked live but U2 made up for this historic show.

Many complaints for this show, unfortunately. I got there at 4pm and they had already run out of Slane shirts!!! Absolutely ridiculous. The booth people said that they ran out of shirts by 12pm!! Big disappointment. The facilities were okay but not anywhere to US standards. Lighting around the place was terrible but the crowd made sense of the streets. There was a 2 to 3 second delay in the video screen and the music which threw us in the back off pace. It was not corrected throughout the concert. It was only there for U2 like that. It worked fine for the Red Hots. I am sorry to complain about it, but it did make things off, especially with all the money spent to make it to the show. The merchandise thing was the worst part of it. There was nothing to take back to let the world know where we were at. Recompence must be made.

Well the boys are back to the US and will do things right. They did say that for the second show at Slane things would be corrected! Which is completley unfair for us first batch.

God bless the world's greatest Band!!!


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