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"I like boring things like loyalty, and I like to have a good time too." — Bono

U2 entrance Scottish fans with concert belter

- August 27, 2001

by Press Association Staff

U2 stormed into Scotland to play their first gig north of the border for four

The band put on a blinding performance in front of nearly 10,000 fans at the
Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow.

Bono looked every bit the superstar dressed in dark shades, black leather
jacket and tight black jeans.

The award-winning rockers had the crowd, which included Newcastle
United's Alan Shearer, in full swing within seconds when lead guitarist the
Edge pounded out the first few chords of their recent hit Elevation from their
latest album All That You Can't Leave Behind.

The hits rattled and hummed from there on as the band belted out hits
spanning the last 21 years.

U2 may have been on the go for over two decades but they have not lost
any of the passion, enthusiasm and sheer genius which has brought
world-wide acclaim and mega superstar status.

Bono had the crowd entranced by his powerful lyrics and jerky stage act.

They cheered as he constantly threw himself on an elongated stage.

"They said they could not fit the Elevation tour in here, I would say it fits
pretty good," he yelled to the mesmerised mass in front of him.

He then told how his dad had recently passed away and said: "I just buried
my old man and it's a great time for the family. My old man's got a new body
now because his old one was hell."

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