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"We may well be the future of rock 'n' roll, but so what? When I go back to Dublin, to my girlfriend it's more of a distraction that I'm in a band than any big deal — and my old man shouts at me for not doing the dishes before I go to bed." — Bono, 1982

by william

WOW WOW WOW. What can I say about my first taste of Elevation apart from I am Elevated. That was sensational, outstanding.....so many superlatives cross my mind but I am just high on U2 at the moment. I feel punch drunk by the brilliance that was THAT gig.

I got to the Venue at 1pm in the afternoon, so as to stake my claim in the heart. There was already a motley crue of devout U2 fans there and I want to thank them all for making those Five and a half hours on the cold SECC stone floor, fly by. Even the staff were fantastic, always asking if we were ok or if we needed anything and so on they were great.

We got into the Arena and were ushered into the heart, I got a great place with the girlfriend (This was her first U2 gig, I've lost count). Stage right, slap bang right in front of Adam Clayton with not one person in front of us to obscure our view, other than standing in front of Bono it was perfect.

The support were the cosmic rough riders, alas they were a very patchy band, some good songs but the singer had the charisma of an Ironing board. He just couldn't hold the crowds attention and I found myself falling asleep The cosmic Rough Riderzzzzzzzzzzzz is perhaps a more apt name.

Suddenly the CRR were gone and the build up began in earnest, I swear my heart was racing and I actually found myself jumping on the spot with excitement as the fine tuning before showtime came to completion.

Then there was the sounds of elevation and the whole crowd was going "WOO HOO" ala the song itself, Then the band casually went onstage and the place went wild. 'Elevation' was blistering, the set was along the same lines as elsewhere but we got 'Discotheque' which was thrilling for me as it is a favourite. I'm not long in from the gig , so forgive me if I am a bit vague, the excitement hasn't died down yet and my mind is racing.

Bono was still visibly shaken by the loss of his dad and he said a few words about it to us, Just saying that his dad hasn't gone, he's just moved on to another body and he is no longer in pain, It was a touching moment and there were tears everywhere. I think every U2 fan knows what Bono's old man meant to him, His bravery in his 'the show must go on' mentality speaks volumes of this great mans character, To go out under that stress and heartache and still entertain every soul in the place is just miraculous. I bow to this mans inner strength and resolve.

The band had the crowd in the palm of their hands and by the end of 'Stuck in a moment..' Bono commented that if they ever played a bad gig in Glasgow it was time to call it a day. Very true, I have seen U2 all over but I have to say there is something about Glasgow that just brings out all that is great in this band Live, having said that, I've never actually heard or seen a duff U2 gig, they are masters.

I found myself standing with my head to the heavens and my eyes shut just taking it all in, This was U2 of old , no Distractions like huge screens, Lemons and Arches, Just the band on stage and the focus on the music. That is where U2 hold their power, in their music. All the screens and so on while Impressive did detract from the core of this bands appeal....essentially the magic is contained within those four guys from Dublin.

God am I rabbling or what?. Bono said a few words on how much he appreciated the fans sticking by them through thick and thin and he was genuinely humbled, I lke that about the band they are just so down to earth but they generate such magic and passion on stage.

I've grown up with U2 and I want to grow old with them too and be half as graceful. U2 they always deliver, never disappoint and I have it all to go through again tomorrow, God Bless my luck at getting tickets for both nights, I couldn't s;eep last night through the excitement of anticipation and I can't sleep tonight for the same reasons.......and the constant ringing in my ears.

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