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"If you're close enough to see the tattoo you're too close." — Larry, answering a question about his tattoo

by Dawn S.

Finally! U2 in concert again!! Almost 4 years since seeing them on the Vertigo tour and it seemed like forever since tickets went on sale last spring! My son Matt (age 12) and I have been eagerly waiting for this show and it was finally here!! There were no dates in our home state of Pennsylvania on this leg so we had decided to make the trip to Charlottesville, which turned out to be a great decision. The town is very charming and the University of Virginia campus is so beautiful. Plus, Scott Stadium was a really intimate venue for the show It must be one of the smallest stadiums U2 are playing in on this tour. The weather was perfect, too a crisp, cool fall evening with a lovely moon hanging in the sky above the stadium. Opening act Muse was fantastic. Both Matt and I like their music and we really enjoyed their set. My favorite opening act of the seven U2 concerts Ive attended U2 was incredible, as always! The set list was interesting, with a lot of extreme changes in mood throughout, such as Elevation into Your Blue Room or Ill Go Crazy into Sunday Bloody Sunday. Overall, it didnt have the non-stop energy of the Vertigo tour shows but it was still awesome It just was more contemplative and introspective. It was a treat for me to hear nine songs that I had never heard live before six from the new album plus Your Blue Room, Walk On and Ultraviolet. My personal highlights were the Ill Go Crazy remix (so much fun!), Ultraviolet and Moment of Surrender. And, of course, the production on this tour is unbelievable. The sound was crystal clear and the lights, the stage, and the video screen are all jaw-droppingly beautiful and artistic. Its hard to do justice to it when trying to describe it. It made the whole concert experience that much more incredible without overwhelming the music or the performers. Willie Williams and the others who designed this production are geniuses. Now the wait begins for the announcement of the 2010 U.S. tour dates Looking forward to seeing this amazing show again!!!

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