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"I'm Irish. I'm a rock star here. I'm not white either. The Irish are kind of — pinkish. Underdone." — Bono

by FL-NY Dude

WOW! What can I say, other than, "What a totally awesome experience!". I had seen the previous U2 DVDs from Boston and Slain, and more recently the Chicago DVD from this tour and just felt I had to go see these guys live. Trying to get a ticket for General Admit, I finally decided on St. Louis.

Every part of this experience turned out 10 times better than what I expected.

-The flight up the day of the show was perfect.

-The hotel (old Union Station) was a nice surprise with its mall area for pre-show drinking.

-Being able to walk 3 blocks down the street to the show feeling "good good good", and being online with people that had to be some of the nicest cordial folk around. Also with a nice night view of the St. Louis arch.

-Seeing some girls online in front me once learning they were going in the elipse, and how excited they got, jumping and smiling. Happy birthday to one of them! (Nice to see them in the hotel the next day again too. Hi girls..;-)

-Expecting to get in General Admit, and then to my surprise on ticket scanning, getting into the elipse myself.

I never expected my first live U2 concert would be where I was. I was blown away. I placed myself right in the middle of the elipse center were I could slightly see the screen above me. 360 degrees of equal distant views. Loved the pack of crazy girls having fun dancing, especially the "Dark Irish" one.

The energy one could feel through this entire show was incredible. Everything, the music, the lights, the venue, the elipse, was perfect. I did not want this night to end. You actually feel like you are part of the show looking back out at the rest of the venue. All those people, packed arena.

I think they played almost 2.5 or so.

All the songs rocked. I don't think there was any slowing down. It only got better and better. And for the guy who played piano with them, (Mike as he has posted on this site) I think the entire house could feel his excitement. (Start Irish accent "Play it like a bell.... Like a bell.." End Irish accent.) :-)

After seeing this show, I am only sorry to have waited this long to see these guys. I would have definitely got to some other shows in if I had started sooner.

To all those that posted pictures... Way cool... I can actually see myself in the elipse :-)

I certainly hope they tour again in the US.

I have been buzzing from the concert vibe ever since.

Rock on lads!!!

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