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"To some people the church is their ticket to respectability, a certain bourgeois point of view, a safety net for when they go to bed. My idea of Christianity is no safety net, a scathing attack on bourgeois values, and a risk to respectability." — Bono

by Randy Van Ecko

Wasn't St.Louis a special show ! This was my eleventh U2 show in 20 years. (although I have been a fan since '81, Boy being the third album I ever bought etc...) But what a show ! My son Cappel (age 8 his 1st concert) and I were lucky enough to get into the elipse and then even on the front row barrier between Edge and Bono ! I hafta say, closer is not only better it's completely surreal, it never stops hitting you that they are right THERE. It was all this old obsessive fan could do not to jump the barrier and beg them to take me with them. But then something amazing happened something far more profound. Bono was talking to the crowd about how there aren't enough "sons of Abraham" anymore , people who would stand up against all odds for whats "Right". When he turned to my son and asked him ,are you a son of Abraham? my son Cappel was then pulled onstage and spoke with Bono , sang NO MORE (WAR) with Bono as 20,000 St.Louis fans sang back . It was beyond a fathers' and a U2 fans dreams ! And it was such an amazingly charged U2 show to boot ! Needless to say I was laugh/crying after that, I still can't believe it , my first born son and my hero together. I must have finally paid my U2 dues. The red lights and the roar of the crowd after streets said it all, I've never heard anything louder in my life !
Anyway here's where I need your help . I need pictures of Cappel with Bono , also any audio or video recordings of the show or even just the part where Cappel was on stage with Bono would be fantastic. you can send any e-mails to vanecko25@msn.com . I would really love to document this event for my son so that he might share it with his sons/daughters when he is grown, so if you could help me out , I'd really be grateful. thanks Randy Van Ecko

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