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"The word suggests his shape, his vibe. There was a hearing-aid shop, Bonovox of O'Connell Street. I thought he looked like the place." — Guggi, on the origins of Bono's name

by Will D

WOW... last night was my first U2 concert, and wow. KANYE WEST started the show, ending with Jesus Walks and Gold Digger (his orchestra was jammin). Then out came U2, I mean, the stage itself was an eye opener. The backstage was under the stage, and these huge "door-beads" came from the top and changed colors (and designs). Bono couldent get Jesus Walks out of his head, hehe, kept breaking out into song. The stage's lights ware SPECTACULAR as also the ellipse, which also changed color. I was dissapointed at the tshirt price which was $30-75 for a shirt/jacket. Also, I couldent get a bottle of water, they had to pour it into a cup, and the charged me $5. But overall, you HAVE TO GO. W O W : )

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