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I've never been interested in fashion. -- Ali, on her Edun clothing line

by Colin

Hands down the best concert I have ever been to...much better then the show in Chicago I went to last spring. They seem so much better and more focused this time around. The song selection incredible this time, every song was a classic. Really loved the John Lennon cover Instant Karma, can't think of anyother band that has the gumption to cover a song and do it so well as U2. Is it a coincidence that the year Lennon died was the year U2 released their first album? They only played one really old song, gloria, i really want to hear out of control live. watching this tour and this show just makes me wonder about the future and what it holds for U2...I hope they can keep doing this but who knows if this is the last time we will see them in their prime.

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