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[T]he developing countries have had enough of charity they want to get off the nipple of aid and stand up on their own merit. -- Bono

by Sid

Great show, that's all I can say. I've seen PopMart, Elevation (3), and Vertigo, this being the third, and each one got better. Of course my first time in the elipse probably helped. Anyway, ditto to all the previous reviews. I loved Gloria and UTEOTW was just fantastic. I'm so glad they brought that back into the set.
I was probably the guy in the elipse being less than polite to Kanye W. Sorry, but the guy is a turd and doesn't know how to express his political views i.e. doesn't have the tact or understading like the fellas he was opening for. If he can use his "freedom of speech", why can't I...that's the point right? His opening just doesn't seem to fit, sorry, just my opinion. Anyway, the crowd overcame that terrible excuse for "live" music and really got into the real show. Good to see the band seemingly having so much fun. Hope this isn't my last show!!

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