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I don't know who I can talk to. I've got people who want to kill me . . . people who want to hate you or love you or take a bit of you. -- Bono

by JoeE

Before the concert, all four band members met and greeted fans waiting behind the arena, one at a time. First The Edge, who shook hands and posed for pictures but did not sign anything unlike the day before. Larry came out next for the second consecutive day too. Larry signed autographs and posed for a few pictures, calling ot a few dealers in the crowd. Bono came out next, and like The Edge, shook a few hands and posed for a few pictures. Just before heading back into the arena, he spotted a seven-year-old boy in the crowd and asked him where he was going to be during the show. "The rail" was the reply and Bono told him that during City of Blinding Lights, he would be looking for him. Thinking that was it and that Adam was not going to come out, half the crowd left. 5-10 minutes later, out walks Adam. Everyone runs back to get behind the barricades, and Adam proceeds to spend the longest amount of time signing autographs and posing for a few photos.

The second night in San Jose was more electric then the first night in April 2001 and April 2005, and was the same in 2015 as well. Some things that I observed from 20 rows back on the right side of the main stage:

Bono relied a little too much on the Teleprompter when giving the usual "you're the greatest fans" speech after I Will Follow. 

Edge had guitar problems at the beginning of Bullet the Blue Sky. Dallas was right there to swap out guitars.

At the beginning of City of Blinding Lights, Bono was true to his word and plucked the seven-year-old boy out of the crowd for the entirety of the song.

After playing One, Larry sat behind the drum kit as if waiting to play another song while Bono, Adam and the Edge startes assembling to go off stage. He quickly got up to join them and they were done.

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