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"I don't like music unless it has a healing effect. I don't like it when people leave concerts still feeling edgy." — Bono

by poison

Just gost beck from Italy, first concert in Milan was my third Vertigo gig, and definitely the best I've seen. I'm not going to complain about poor organization and boldly crowd, when I heard first cords of Wake up (Arcade fire), and when I saw them approaching the stage I forget about all incidents (and I had a few on this gig), and waiting pressed in the crowd on Italian sun. I have so contradictory emotions about Italians, they are rude, but they are the best crowd I've ever seen (except a few Croatian - my dear friends including me). There were rumors that U2 is going to shoot Milan concert for DVD. My friend and I were talking about a possibility of shooting in Italy before the tour even started, and we were very excited when we saw all that cameras on stadium. We've catch a great position, second row on Edge's side. They were nervous, because of the shooting, but they were great. I have to mention a little incident that happened I think during the Electric Co (I'm not sure) when somebody from the crowd split water on Bono, when he did it for the first time Bono didn't react, but I could see that he was pissed (I was very close), but when he did it for the second time, Bono went crazy, he spit on the guy in the crowd. That was great; he did that so spontaneously, at that moment he was for me just an ordinary pissed guy, not some rock idol and a professional with years and years of experience on stage, I love angry Bono.

The show was great, I was shivering and bristling on every song that they played, every part of the show is special on its own unique way. Opening with Vertigo, and then I will follow and the Electric Co, NYD, Elevation and Beautiful Day is great for warming up, I just couldn't stop jumping and yelling. And then Still haven't found, I rediscovered that song on this tour, maybe 'cause it's so easy to identify with the lyrics, most of us think that we still haven't found what we are looking for in our lives. But I know one thing, when I'm on U2 concert in that 2 hours and 15 or 20 minutes I fell like I have found what I'm looking for. And after that All I want is you - extended version, the longest version so far, beautiful, great and very touching. City, great as always, it seemed to me that Italians especially like that song, you can hear it every way you go. Miracle Drug powerful as always, Sometimes emotional as always, Bono was close to us during the Sometimes I could "read" his face while he was singing, this time live, not on the big screens. Before the tour started I didn't like Love and Peace much, I thought it's a good but not a great U2 song, but after I heard it live for the first time in Vienna I've changed my opinion - it's a GREAT song, especially with that When Johnny Come...snippet, and with following SBS and Bullet it makes just perfect combination - real heart of darkness. And then surprise - Miss Sarajevo, Bono sang a bit of opera in Italy, in my opinion better then Luciano himself (sorry, I love Bono's voice more then Pavaroti's), Italians went crazy, I would too if he added: "O draga, o slatka, o lijepa slobodo" like he did few years ago when he was singing with Luciano. It must be amazing to hear Bono singing in your mother tongue. Pride and Streets were the "peak" as always, and one more surprise - Original with the symphony orchestra (lucky them, I thought they got the chance to play with U2). We couldn't hear them much they were to quite but it was nice to see symphony orchestra on the both sides of b-stages (and it would look good on DVD, Bono you're so smart). And what more can I say, the only problem with this gigs is that the time fly for me when I'm there, the show lasts 2 hours and 15 or 20 minutes, but at the end of it when I hear the second Vertigo I think to myself oh no, it's already over. The second Vertigo is even better then the first, and at the same time it's a good and a bad way to close the show, good 'cause this is a great song and the second version is even harder then first, and bad - 'cause after they played it you have that funny feeling the show is about to begin, and then the lights turn on, and you have to leave this beautiful place where you felt like you've been in another dimension.
What a night, what a show, what a crowd, and maybe I've got a chance to be on official DVD, imagine every time you put that disc in your player you remember you were a part of U2 history, amazing.

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