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We want to do better; we want to compete on the highest level, and that means competing on radio. -- Larry

by nikola


I must say U2 are untouchble forever! U2 - THE BIGGEST band for ever and ever!

u2 made one of the smartest decisions in their career,when they decided to film SAN SIRO SHOW for dvd!It will be PERFECT DVD!

What I should say about show?Some things you can not explain...everything which I saw on San Siro was unic and unbelieveable!Italian crowd is maybe the best crowd in the world!
Atmosphere during the concert was FANTASTIC...Sometimes I thught that stadium will completely explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U2 were at the top of their game,Edge was on fire,Adam was fantasic as everLarry in good form-mood!
Bono touched highest notes in sometimes,and suprised whole stadium when he nailed Pavarroty*s part in Miss Sarajevo

Show was very moving,rocking,but also emotional!The whole concert audience didn*t stop to sing each song from the start to finish,to jumping,screaming,clapping...what more should be expect on rock show!

Highlights?There were a lot ...I can*t say which part of the show was the best...that is impossible.

one of suprises Original of the species with orchestra-magnificient!!!!!!!They are planning that song for new single-that is great news-JUST GO AHEAD!

I have read some bad rewievs...some people are completely insane,and they say:u2 should do this,and this and this...?What is that all about?If they don*t like U2 they should not come at U2 concerts!
They say ;U2 don*t change setlist ...so WHAT?They forgot that U2 never varied setlist so much...thay should understand that U2 are the best and all stories about setlists don*t make sense!

Except classics SBS,WOWY,ONE ,PRIDE...U2 gave us a bunch of new songs which are alrady became classics,and they do that with every album...SO STOP COMPLAINTING! U2 desrve the best from their fans!!!!!!!!1

U2 performed historic concert at San Siro...I AM PROUD OF BEING PART OF HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!


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