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"I don't find interviews easy. All the introspection involved isn't good for you." — Edge

by massimo

Are you really sure that this one was a great concert?
Maybe you haven't seen the Zooropa tour.
Some doubts:
- Why two times Vertigo? One is enough! Give us 40, the unforgettable fire, bad..
- too much talk about politics. Come on, it's only rock n' roll. Ok, poverty, drop the debs but I've come to listen to music not to a political speech.
- Miss Sarajevo is really a masterpiece? I don't think so, maybe I'm wrong, but I think that U2 have made much better songs.
-Nobody talks about Bono spitting two times to the public who have thrown water to him (love and peace:(
- To Gregorio Valencio, I'haven't seen nobody dancing with Bono during the concert, are you sure?
So, a good concert but not wonderful. Great public, really hot, but I've felt a little coldness in U2. I don't know , maybe I'm too hold (39) and my feelings have changed, or maybe "they" are too hold ...

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