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[W]e're all members of the Frisbeetarian Order. . . . We believe that when you die your soul goes up on a roof and you can't get it down. -- Bono

by Elena

Hi, yesterday in San Siro was incredible!!! I attended a U2 concert again after 18 years (Modena 1987) and it was amazing to see...and hear the differences.
More lights and special effects (technology is going on), more politics, more engagement, more years on shoulders of Bono and Co.
I can't say which one has been better, maybe they are simply different. Everything was perfect except Ash (really boring!!!) and the acoustic effect in the stadium (not good, I were in the 2nd red ring).
And for people that couldn't read what was written on the coreography during SOMETIMES, we made an italian and an irish flag on which was written HI BOB (Bono father). But I did't realise if he could see it!!!!
Enjoy the show of tonight!!!!

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