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I've never been interested in fashion. -- Ali, on her Edun clothing line

by Gegorio Valencio

English translation of Miss Sarajevo:

You say that as a river finds its way to the sea
And as the river you'll find your way back to me
Beyond the borders and the thirsty lands
You say that as the river
As the river, you say that love will find a way
But love, I'm not a praying man
And in love I can't believe anymore
And for love I can't wait anymore

the cathartic moment happened here. the operatic verse destoryed the Italian crowd tonight. Imagine singing this verse in English. It would not have the same effect. The moving rendition of Miss Sarajevo opened your eyes to the European landscape, that these are chaotic times we are living in.

This was a show filled with meaning, jubilation, and fun. There were also many connections made to the intellectual movements of our time, namely post modernity and post structuralism. Social activism took center stage as Bono called on the leaders of the world to save Africa.

Theatrics included Bono dancing with a young Italian woman during All I Want is You. I could have sworn he had his hand on her ass. Bad Bono!!

I loved this show.

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