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You don't want to start having work done on your face just to get on MTV. There has to be a way to be acceptable with dignity. -- Adam

by Ricky

The Show for the 2nd leg of the War Tour that was held in SLC was rather interesting. It was the concert before that infamous Red Rocks Concert. The Alarm opened. They were cool. U2 came out late and Bono was in a pissy mood apparently. From what I remember, he was preachy all night and didn't take kindly when he got into a shouting match with a fan who didn't exactly agree with the things he was saying. This was mostly inaudible to the crowd. All I could see was that he was yelling at someone. The already sparse crowd didn't take to kindly to any of it and started to boo. Then, Bono (in a move that I would expect from David Lee Roth or Axl Rose, but not Bono) left the stage not to return. Paul McGuiness then announces (to many's dismay) that Bono was not feeling well and could not go on. Very Strang indeed. Bono apparently Was so sick (of the city) that he didn't come back until '97 and Popmart. But, by that time they were so strapped for income to break even on the tour, they would have played backyard-birthday gigs. So, there you have it.

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