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"The reality is it's probably the most important thing he's going to do in his life, so my attitude would be, 'Take a year out and do it properly.'" — Larry, on Bono's political activities


by Phillip Anders Batliwala

Storming along with tired old songs like Pride, Angel, Walk On, I Will Follow, Mysterious Ways, Still Haven't Found, With Or Without You and the like, this was, by far, U2's weakest show in terms of setlist. What started out in mid-2005 as a call for action, a unity, and a church - all profoundly, yet subtley, explained in the lyrics of Vertigo and many other songs on Atomic Bomb - has become an all-out Paul McGuinness festival. At least tonight it has.

What happened to linking Boy to Atomic Bomb through brilliant performances of Electric Co., An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart, The Ocean, etc.? Why has the latter album been relegated to THREE songs tonight!?!?! That's ridiculous! I think, in terms of history, Paul McGuinness is to blame for something like this. He's great with their business dealings - but poor with advising on what songs people want to hear.

The night was saved with a brilliant rendition of One Tree Hill. The band can;t play that one too much. It rocked my socks off.

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