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Go to U2 internet sites, they're murder. I mean, where is this sycophancy, can I ask someone? -- Bono

by @scar

This was my first U2 experience at the age of 11 years old. Tickets were $5 at the door, $3 in advance. I was taken by my cousin, who kept bragging about this amazing Irish band. At the time they meant nothing to me, but of course, this would change.

I wish I could help and remember the setlist. But I can't remember any of the songs they played that night, except that I assumed they were from Boy.

The kicker: After the show was over, they were signing autographs to a small group of hangers-on that decided to stay after the show was done. They boys packed their own equipment for the most part at the time (I don't remember seeing any roadies at the time). I sat on the corner of the stage, an 11-year old, starry-eyed boy with no concept of what he was looking at. I was no more than 6 feet from the man they called "Edge" the whole night. The guy with the guitar. I remember watching him pack up. He caught me me looking for a few seconds and smiled. I remember the guitar strap. Black with purple splash marks. And in an instant, in the time it takes for a memory to vanish...they were gone.

I'm 36 now and I have tickets to the Toronto show this September (Vertigo tour). The show WAS NOT $3 in advance. But I have my own guitar now. My own strap. Black with purple splash, with the best delay processor money can buy, trying my best to sound like that guy they kept calling the 'Edge'.

Lator gators...

@scar, Toronto

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