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"I'm the only person I know who takes off his sunglasses to keep a low profile." — Bono

by Richard

My 3rd U2 show and first outdoors. I was 20 and it seemed like an age had past from my first show in 1987 to the two ZooTV shows I saw in 1992/1993.

The crowd was vast and it felt like it was long way to the actual concert venue from where the bus had parked in Roundhay Park. We got a spot on the floor of the bowl about a third of the way back and could see very well even without having to resort to the screens. The sound was clear and crisp.

I remember checking out the merchandise stall with my friends and being rather amused in a juvenile way at being offered some Zoo TV condoms by a female member of the merch staff!

Overall I remember it to be a great show, if lacking a little in intensity to the indoor Zoo show I had caught the previous year. I enjoyed the MacPhisto character a lot and the newer Zooropa additions to the set.

The other abiding memory I have is of the nervous trip home. We were on an organised coach trip from Nottingham. Myself and my brother had a flight to Canada booked for the next morning out of Manchester and check in time was something like 6.30am. Because of the traffic getting out of Roundhay our coach did not make it back to Nottingham until around 2.30am...and we had to go home and get our luggage. When we got home I had time to change my socks, have a quick cup of tea and grab my bags before leaving to drive to Manchester for the flight. I was totally exhausted when I got on that plane (wearing my new tour shirt!).

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