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"In another time, another era, we would just be wandering minstrels in the village square with nothing." — Bono


My first U2 concert at the age of 14. I had only recently discovered U2 on the Achtung Baby album and liked what i heard. Me and a friend made our way to leeds not expecting the crowd that was present. 85,000 screaming fans only served to add to my excitement. As the band launched into ZOO STATION my legs suddenly turned to jelly as i entered the zone which captivated me for the next 2 hours. The fly, even better than the real thing and then the song that got me into U2; mysterious ways followed and it was the start of an unbelievable night. Having only recently got into u2 i had to rely on my friend to keep me up to date with some of the songs as i only had a few months to swot up on u2's back catalogue, but this did not take away the buzz of excitement that the concert provided, they were on top form and 4 years later bono claimed this was the best gig of the tour and i think he was right. An unbelievable occasion that changed my life forever, and turned me into what you could call die hard U2 fan.

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