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The reason U2 started writing songs is because they couldn't play anyone else's. -- Paul McGuiness


by Helen Yates

I was 17 when I went to this gig and had been a long time U2 fan after hearing them blasting through my older brothers bedroom wall for many years. It's now nearly 13 years since this concert but thinking about it now still makes the hairs rise up on the back of my neck.

Walking into the park was like nothing else, that stage set up made it feel like we had arrived on another planet.

This was the biggest non-festival crowd that U2 had ever played to, 82000 plus. Bono stated that the natural ampitheatre of Roundhay Park made Wembley look like a bowling green. It was still a hugely intimate concert. I was stood on a hill (hill 40 I think) and all I could see in every direction was people having a ball.

Fantastic gig, have seem them many times since but nothing can match that night. Awesome.

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