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I think God gets annoyed with the gifted. We should know that our work is no more important than a plumber's or a carpenter's. -- Bono, 2004

by donna m

First off, i've read many comments here about Streets being lack lustre and missing the mark and i must agree, but there is a reason for that. A group of about 10 of us were lucky enough to be in the elipse right on the rail under The Edge's feet basically. Streets started, and this woman decided to rush the stage. She hit so hard that she knocked my friend and her daughter over, nailed me against the rail and caused havoc. As well, there was a girl in a wheelchair right next to me that was almost injured. Security got her out of there, but this happened in full view of Bono and Edge and the looks on their faces were disturbing. Hence the less than stellar performance during that song.

The rest of the show was amazing! From where I was, the sound was incredible - I could actually hear Edge harmonizing. The boys had so much fun all night, matching the energy of the crowd around them, and although I hate Instant Karma, it was a rolicking good time, and Larry was grinning ear to ear for the whole song.

This was my first GA experience, my second Vertigo show, and I cant compare this one to my first show - they were both special, and both very different. From my viewpoint, it was worth standing outside all night in line in the freezing rain.

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