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"Because I rarely rehearse, at first I'm at odds with the guitar." — Edge

by Aliy

Goodbye, Goodbye!
I arrived at the venue round 5.15 and had to wait outside because doors were opened at 6. I headed for my seat and there I was waiting for another dream to come true.
I just want to say that U2 gave a great show and that they are at their best. They appeared to be enjoying every moment. I, of course, sang every song and never sat down because I did give myself to the band.
Unfortunately, throughout the concert lots of people remained sit. I could even see more than two guys going out for some beers –what a pity!
I would really recommend U2 not to give a final concert in Portland again. It is not because I have something against Portlanders, but because they just wanted to be there because it was the event of the year. I could even get to know some who were there because they like a song and didn’t even know the name of the song.
Anyway, the fourth leg of the tour will start next year in Mexico and I do know things will be quite different.

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