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I love the idea of carnival but it comes before Lent. You have to have both. -- Bono

by John

I've been listening to U2 for years now and this was the first time I got to see them live. There were many things I like about these guys and one is the fact that they are basically a three piece with a singer and that's the core magic of rock and roll: POWER TRIO! Solid rhythum, drums and bass with The edge driving the band with his chunkydelay guitar chops. Right on and the lighting was slick and went with the mood of the music. It was beautiful and very moving. I wish Damian Marley had opened the show though because even though you add beautiful ladies playing strings it's still hip hop and that was disappointing, but I wasn't there to see the opener anyway. So here I am with my girlfriend lucky to be in the bomb shelter but by the time West was done I have to admit I had lost quite a bit of my excitment for the real band.
What a great entrance confetty like it's new years eve and we were off. I thought beautiful day was the best song of the night and I'm not sure why but have been thinking about it all night and today and have been wondering what was missing? Was it the fact that I bought my tickets 9 months ago and the build up was to much?
I've been to hundreds of concerts and always come away compairing them, it's hard not to. The first thing is did it make the top ten all time great shows? I'm sorry to say that no it didn't do it for me. Rock has always been about some form of rebellion and this was too corporate or something it didn't have the soul I'm looking for. Dead shows always took me to another level spiritually, I couldn't connect last night is it the $3.50 glasses of water in a paper cup or the $12 to park? I signed up for the one campange and want to end poverty but is bilking us the music fans for every dollar they can get the answer? Hey Neil Young works for Clear Channel but he flipped em the bird during Greendale and Bob Dylan can still make me cry, but if this is the greatest band in the world right now I'd have to say that we are in trouble and maybe Jim Morrison was right when he said 35 years ago that "Rock is Dead!" Like I said it was a nice slick well produced show but there was something missing that I can't quite put my finger on and I guess "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."

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