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[T]he developing countries have had enough of charity they want to get off the nipple of aid and stand up on their own merit. -- Bono

by Kevin Heiderich

I agree with many points of the other reviewers, and those being:

#1. This crowd was much less into the performance than other crowds I have seen on this and other tours.

#2. They used the Ellipse very little. I had crappy seats where my view of the ellipse was blocked by the rigging, and I was worried I was going to miss a significant portion of watching Bono & Co. running around and doing their thing - But I didn't. They hardly used it. Good for me. Bad for those at the back of the ellipse.

#3. Miss Sarajevo was AWESOME. Bono sang Pavoratti's part, and made my (and my wife's) hair stand up all over our body. I had no idea Bono could sing like that. Oh My God.

#4. Beautiful Day and WTSHNN both lacked raw energy that I have seen at my previous U2 shows. Unfortunate, but I will get over it.

Bullet the Blue Sky had a very interesting Bluesy feel to it, which I really enjoyed. I still miss the versions played on Zoo TV Outside Broadcast though. My all time favorite.

Songs they have played this tour I would have liked to have heard: Zoo Station, The Fly.

Songs they played I would have rather not heard: SYCMYIOYO, ISHFWILF, and Yahweh.

I did get to do one of the things I have always wanted to do at a U2 concert, though, which is participate in the "40" singoff at the end. Special Thanks to Larry Mullen Jr for kicking up the drums again for a few after the rest of the band had left, and he had already faded out once.

Thanks to the band for an amazing show. See ya in 4-5 years I guess.

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