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"I was such a lousy guitar player that one day they broke it to me that maybe I should sing instead." — Bono

by Nick

I think Bert's review about sums it up for me. I was also at Anaheim 1 and Seattle 2. Seattle 2 was probably better but this one came close. I'll just point out a couple things I noticed. Bono's falsetto seemed stronger than it has since I saw them in portland on elevation. I think he pretty much lost it durring the first leg of elevation, because "in a little while" sounded real good early on but by the time the boston DVD came out he could barely do it, and I've never really heard him do it since. So last night it sounded very strong, BUT he didn't do the falsetto part on in a little while and he really butchered the end of WOWY so what the heck?! One had the Zoo TV extra verse ending which I think is WAY better than the way they've been doing it on this tour. That made the night feel special to me. The lighting effects durring mysterious ways are much better than at the start of the tour. Bono's acoustic guitar sounds like it was actually plugged in durring species and it helped the song. Durring instant karma (which was awesome) he made a point to switch guitars at the start of the song, but then never played it. Larry drummed WOWY the way he did it on rattle and hum, not the wussy version he's done ever since. But yeah, the song is kind of sucking now which is too bad. Maybe it's the lighting, it was really cool on popmart. Bono was AMAZING doing Pavarotti, I'd read about it several times, and it was indeed the highlight of the show. All in all it was a solid show. I still think the stage design of this tour is just a bad rip off of elevation and I wish they'd come up with something way different. And the reason streets isn't as cool is that it NEEDS the red, strobe, and burst of light at the start. Otherwise, its just another song that has been way overplayed.

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