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Our fans aren't looking for a seamless show. They want it in its rawest state. -- Larry

by U2Guy

Well U2 360 at the Rose Bowl in L.A. A beautiful day, easy drive from San Diego. Tailgating on the golf course and hearing soundcheck awesome. Rose Bowl staff left a lot to be desired and were of very little assistance. Once we found our seats Black Eyed Peas more entertaining then I imagined. Slash was a nice surprise. Last time I saw him was 1989 in L.A opening for The Rolling Stones as a member of GnR. Too bad they imploded early in their set that day (thanks Axel!). On to my favorite band in the world U2. Great show I really enjoyed ISHFWILF, and as always Streets. Nice to add snippets of Stand by Me and In God's Country. I think the stadium show felt like I was watching a DVD and not as close up as the last two tours. The band seemed preoccupied with the filming or what I'm not sure. I hope I'm not getting too old for this, (that cant be!) I have cherished this band since the mid 1980's and have now seen them 12 times. I have DVD's, artwork, books,clothing, magazines etc etc. I was just hoping for more. Like a San Diego show on the next leg of the tour. Bono said some years back in an interview that San Diego is a very rock and roll city and should never be missed for L.A.or Orange county, he has kept to his word until now. This might not be the bands fault at all, I just wonder...Maybe I need to just go away and dream it all up again..I still love U2 and your music has been the soundtrack of my life for many years. Thanks for always trying to please us fans!! I just needed to hear Bad to make it all seem right!

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