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"It's always confused people — quoting scriptures and then swearing at them." — Bono

by manxman

After the night before I made two decisions.  First, I was not going to arrive super early, and two, I was going to try for a spot closer to the smaller stage.  I arrived just around 6:00 p.m. and this time I was on the North side.  I quickly made it down to the smaller stage which shockingly was not that crowded.  Sure there were people lined up right along the rails, but I was able to get within a person or two from the rail.  

When the band took the stage I had to resist every impulse to run closer to the main stage.  I think lots of people were wondering how much of a different set list we'd get.  When they played "Vertigo" for their second song, I knew at least the order was going to change, and then they launched into "California".  I love that song and was glad to hear it live. 

"Invisible" both sounded and looked great.  I loved the bright yellow screen and the way a gap opened up for each of the band members.  At one point the screen went off and it was just the band playing in the middle of the giant apparatus.  I can't really explain it but somehow they managed to put themselves in the middle of a giant arena,  yet make themselves seem accessible to everyone.  They then launched into "Even Better Than the Real Thing".  During the song they all walked down and took to the small stage - just feet away from me.  Adam was standing right in from of me.     They stayed there for "Mysterious Ways" and then launched into "Angel of Harlem".  "Angel" is one of my all time favorite songs and  Edge was playing right in front of me.  I was so close that when Bono flubbed a line, I could see him grimace as he looked at Larry and I could see Larry give him a wink back.  

If I had it to do all over again, I'd stick by the smaller stage each time.  The band is so much closer to each other and it was so easy to get so close to them.

At the break I saw a text asking how I like the show.  I replied it was the best show of theirs I'd ever seen.  Little did I know how much of an understatement that was.

They came back out and played "Miracle Drug".  I think that threw much of the crowd for a loop because it's not that well known by the casual fans, but I've always liked it and was glad to hear it again.  Then things changed.  At this point I have to point out that "Bad" is my favorite song ever.  Ever.  Of any band.  The band was on the main stage so I was selfishly disappointed  they didn't play it while they were on the small stage, but still I was just thankful to hear it at all.   But just like Bono said earlier,  I get so many things I don't deserve.  Bono walked back to the small stage and proceeded to sing my favorite song 10 feet away from me, followed by my second favorite song, "Streets", and my third favorite song, "One" to close out an amazing night.

I've seen lots of shows and had some amazing experiences, but this was my favorite of them all.

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