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"It's always confused people — quoting scriptures and then swearing at them." — Bono

by Sohrab Ghotbi

They're getting there... It does take a while to get such a show up and running and it was obvious that they were at the early stages of this POPMART extravaganza. Normally the band members are spread out over the whole stage...tonight they were close together in order to make sure that the mistakes of Las Vegas would not occur. In fact they did a very good job musically.

My main problems at this concert were a) The crowd was not as enthusiastic as I would have expected; b) the screen was messed up due to the "monsoon" as Bono called it; c) this is not as good a show as ZOO TV which incorporated theatrics, acting and was just the greatest message overload there has ever been...don't get me wrong I LOVE the new album but the new songs such as Wake Up Dead Man need theatrics in order to reach an audience when played live unlike songs such as Where The streets... or I Will Follow.

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