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"[I]n the early '80s ... there was this rather ridiculous idea ... that if it was big, it was bad. Which of course rules out Elvis." — Bono

by Michael Bledsoe

RFK stadium was filled with 45,000 of us on a cool spring night. An incredible evening for an incredible show. The warm up band (and I've no idea who they were) played about seven versions of the same song. Thankfully, they didn't play long and we got on with the real reason for being there.

Like prize fighters, the band was led from a dugout across the field onto the B-stage, Bono in a white boxer's cape. The rumble began immediately. I was stunned by:
*the way they had made this large stadium into a living room; the television screen and cheesy props during the daylight turned into a remarkable neon landscape at night. I felt like I was sitting in my living room watching the big screen t.v.
*the flawless and seamless movements from one song to another, incorporating old and new material (and older material rearranged).
*the fans -- a sea of humanity sang along with most of the old songs and stomped and danced and screamed during the new songs.

More entertaining than the Zoo tour and I got this feeling this might just be their swan song. After all, what do you do to top this?

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