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"Someone wrote in a bathroom 'God is dead: Nietzche.' And someone wrote after that 'Nietzche is dead: God.' I love that." — Bono

by Melissa Flanzraich

After reading several of the reviews for this show i felt compelled to write. This was my second U2 show ever, my frist being in Pittsburgh only a week before. I was 17 and had been a diehard, obsessive, psychotic (if you must) fan of the band since I was 13 years old. The show I must say was amazing, We had floor seats and were right up next to the catwalk, just where I wanted to be because I knew Bono was picking up a girl every night from the audience and bringing them on stage to dance. So i was prepared. I brought a sign that said "Will You dance with me" and when Miami started Bono walked by and saw it. He stopped and pointed and before I knew it security was pulling me onstage. I have read several other reviews of people who think that the whole thing was staged, and even after the show people asked me the same thing and I was walking to my car, in a complete days... in heaven. So no it was no planed, I was not a plant, I was just a 17 year old girl whos life long dream was to be in that exact place, on stage with my favorite band, and my dream came true. The Camera on stage was infact handed to Bono by a security guard off stage, He did take a picture of me but i was dissapointed when the next day I went to get the pics. developed and all I got was a blurry spot that looked like a fingure... i framed it non the less... he it was Bono's finger.
Ther rest of the show is hazy it was too hard to think, all i know is it was the best night of my life and I can't wait to see the band again on the elevation 2001 tour!

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