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"It looked to me like they would be a great rock band. I've only had to be right once." — Paul McGuinness


U2 River Plate Stadium night 2.... Incredible! Last night we were seated, tonight we came early because we had "campos" tickets (standing). We waited for 3 hours outside when they opened the door at about 3:30 pm. Then, we tried to get in the circle...but failed by 2 minutes maybe. We were just against the barriers after the circle, very good view. Once U2 started it became totally crazy and at least 150 people were evacuated one by one over the crowd.... crazy! After 4 songs, we chose to go back a bit and enjoy the concert instead of fighting for our lives.... it was worth it. Fabulous performance, Bono's voice at his best since ZOO TV, big time emotion during The Mothers of the disapears, great Original of the Species (played on the piano by Edge).
I will always remember those 2 unbelievable nights here in Buenos Aires, it was magical!

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