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I'm personally embarrassed that we're 'the band of the '80s.' It's not such a great compliment. -- Bono

by Tomas Vidiri

Well, second night of U2 in Argentina and the feelings were getting stronger.

I enjoyed much more this show than the first one because I was calm, the excitment of the first show was already gone and now I could enjoy the 2nd one.

I was standing almost next to the B-stage, where I had a better view of the huge screen and the acoustic set. I can still see The Edge playing that acoustic solo version of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" right in front of me with his eyes shut, very special moment.

I also remember they played "Desire", just Bono and Edge. And they screwd up the end of the song, just crap!! but Bono approached to the mass and grabed a harmonica from some guy and started playing again the final part of the song with every single person laughing and clapping.

During "Discotheque", when they came out of the lemon, they were all dressed up wearing the Argentinan soccer t-shirt. Bono came down with a ball and kicked it into the audience while Edge started that great riff.

Once more they ended the show with "Mothers of the Disappeared" but this time without the Mothers on stage. It was a great great concert but I knew the 3rd one was going to be the best!

Best wishes,


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