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"I have two conflicting visions of America. One is a kind of dream landscape and the other is a kind of black comedy." — Bono

by Domingos

Well, that was the first and only time ('til now) I saw U2 on stage, travelling from Porto Alegre-Brazil to Buenos Aires-Arg.
But that was amazing, and we can realise how the band on stage got better along the tour, since the first night in Vegas. The opening intro PopMusik told us how it would be, with all the people jumping on Nuez Stadium, The name "Pop" blinking on the back when Bono get inside with a boxer's coat, jumping, and the audience goes wild singing "Looking for to save my soul!", in Mofo; a good live song, in dispite of eletronic sounds. With the fisrt accords of "I Will Follow" we got crazy, and nothing could stop us anymore. That was perfect. So the show starts some up and down moments, with songs like Gone, Even Better, Last Night On Earth and Until the End... but one more time, with the first accords of New Years Day, about 60000 people starts to clap their hands, and it was really exciting. We were completely out of breath, when Bono said "For the Ammenesty International, this is for you", and Edge starts Pride. I was recording the show, but lost control and sung together, a very good choir that just alone ended the song clapping hands singing "Oh-oh-oh-oh...", doing the transition to I Still Havent Found, beautiful song that made us breath for a while, until the acoustic set starts with Desire. Just Edge on acoustic guitar, Bono singing and we shouting. Perfect again. Staring At The Sun and Sunday Bloody Sunday was so calm, and we almost frightened when the horns sounds with Bullet The Blue Sky. Please was the transition to Where the Streets, and people get crazy shouting "Argentina" with Bono (maybe the best song of the night).
That was enough, I thought, but had more, while the playback of Lemon made people dance - totally dispensable. Discotheque was a bad song, and it is a bad song. With If You Wear, we almost slept, but the final With Or Without confirmed that this night was unforgettable, when Bono take a girl from the audience and sing with her on the stage. "Esta noche tocamos para todo Argentina" said Bono in the end, while we sing the final choir with Edge's Guitar.
The encore had another great but dispensable song: Hold Me Thrill Me... and Mysterious Ways after, when people keep singing the song even after it was over: "Its all right, all right...". And One making the excelent final of the show, together with Mothers Of Disapeared, which substitute "40" on latin America, 'cos the obvious politics questions.
Resuming (ufa!), that was an unforgettable night, but the necessary songs of the new Pop album could give chance to classics that was not there, like Bad, All I Want Is You, and others. But that was my chance, and was very very good. Hope to see this again on Vertigo Tour.

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