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A songwriter plays a chord with the faith that he will hear the next one in his head. -- Bono

by Fidel Moises

Hey, I forgot to tell you about the most AMAZING thing that happened that night, which shows just how HUMAN these guys are...
- Once Bono and Edge had ended performing "Desire" (great performance, by the way), we saw Bono looking at someone in the audience, who was holding up something shining. We didn't know what it was. Imagine our surprise when Edge started playing the end of "Desire" again, and we heard the sound of a harmonica...which was being played by Bono!!!
So, for the only time in the WHOLE tour, I guess, they played the REAL end of "Desire", and although Bono said afterwards that it was off key, it really wasn't... it sounded exactly as the original!!!
Now, really...What are the odds...???

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